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7 facts about REY

Seven facts you must know about Rey!!!

  1. We teach... bilingually, using CLIL methodology.
  2. We offer... wide range of extra classes.
  3. We achieve... high scores of external exams.
  4. We provide...psychological-pedagogical support.
  5. We encourage... to help those in need by taking part in various charity events.
  6. We care... about experiencing the art and culture.
  7. We cooperate... with Parents, whose support…

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  • We strive for harmonious development of our students achieved through systematic learning.
  • We educate creative, joyful, helpful and successful students.
  • We develop sensitivity, tolerance, self-esteem and creativity.
  • We arouse our students’ curiosity about the world.
  • We teach, but most of all we develop our students’ characters.
  • We cooperate with Parents, whose help and involvement we value a lot.…

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Is it important to invest in the individual development of your child? Find out about the benefits of Spoleczna

  1. Spoleczna is a non-profit school. No one profits from its activity.
  2. Always at eight! One-shift system is a major advantage of our school. Regular rhythm of a day conduces to more effective learning.
  3. Small classes. For some, low ratio of the number of students per teacher may be an advantage, and for others a reason to concern. Over twenty uears of experience has shown that smaller classes improve…

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Modernly! Inspiringly! Creatively!

Hurry up! Be the first!

Only 20 places for middle school graduates.

Only 20 places for primary school graduates.

  1. Make a decision... choose extended subjects. Every combination is possible. Maths – Biology – Chemistry? Or Biology – Physics – IT? Or maybe another idea?
  2. Find your passion... while meetings with outstanding professionals whose enthusiasm and commitment may arouse your interest in…

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